Central Park

A dream come true. I am a big F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan and I had to visit this place. Its a great place and one where you will get various opportunities to take good photos. A very relaxing place and best for a early morning run.

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Capturing The Sunset

I have absolutely no idea where I took this place. I am sure I can’t even guess where. The photo looks good so it deserves a place in it. I don’t even remember taking it, there might be a chance I didn’t take this one. 😛

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Enjoying a sunny day at the beach

I don’t remember exactly where this photo was takes but I think it might be Malibu. Let go with Malibu, who the hell cares! I took this shot while I was resting after frolicking around the beach for hours. This did come out good but I always ran the risk of getting my phone wet and it would have been a disaster as iphones are not water proof. All is well that ends well!!!!

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