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How to Get the Best RC Cars under $100

Remote control cars are quite popular these days. People of all age can use it to have some fun during their free time. If you are looking to buy one for yourself, you might consider best RC car under 100.

Factors to consider

These are modern day gadgets, so obviously the technology used is evolving rapidly. Thanks to that, there are more features in newer models with better performance. Buying the best rc car under a certain budget ensures you get complete value for your money.

best rc car under $100

There are different factors that come into play while buying these remote-controlled toys. Most importantly, you need to consider whether it will be used by an adult or a child. Thereafter, you can think of other factors like the battery type and remote control. The type of cars, i.e, on-road or off-road also plays an important role in deciding a model.

Some best RC car within $100

When you are talking about the best RC cars, you have to talk about Hosim Electric. It is one of the highest performing RC cars, which is why it considered one of the best. Within the price range of $100, it offers an exhilarating top speed of 33 mph.

Another RC vehicle that should be taken into consideration is the Tamiya 58346 Grasshopper. Although it does not use the modern technologies of latest RC toys, but it is definitely a classic. Being around for a lot of years, it is one of the most durable remote-control cars in its price range.

While buying best RC car under $100, people look for different factors. Some might want a speedy model, while others look for off-road cars. The Babrit F11 is a RC car that combines both. Designed for the rough terrains, it still pulls off 33 mph of top speed.

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Here’s How You can Increase Your RC Car Speed Exceedingly!

Unhappy with the current speeds your RC car is giving you? Are your friends beating you in every competition? Has your father denied buying you a new and better model?

Even if you have purchased the best RC car under 100, you may be having speed issues with it. However, there exist few ways in which you can tweak your car to make it go faster. These tweaks are easy and can be comfortably performed in your home just by using a screwdriver.

best rc car under $100

Some of these tweaks include:

  1. Reduce its weight

Reducing your RC car’s weight can be the easiest way to achievehigher speeds. Replace all the heavierparts like the wheels and body with lightweight aluminum and graphite ones. In addition, you can also get rid of the excess shock absorbers.

Moreover, switching to Li-po batteries from other ones can also aid in reducing your car’s weight exceptionally. These batteries can even last longer than traditional ones.

  1. Change the tires

Tires form one of the major causes for increasing your car’s weight. Tires that have larger treads grip grass and dirt more efficiently, but they also come with excess weight and are unnecessary onplain surfaces.

Replacing them with fewer tread tires can not only provide you with more speed but also deliver higher handling efficiency as well.

best rc car under $100

  1. Replace the motor

This can be a bit complicated to achieve, but once done, can double your speed. Fitting your RC car with a more efficient brushless motor and electronic speed controller (ESC) can drastically increase its speed.

One drawback of this – high-performance motors can come with a higher price tag. However, it can provide an alternative way of purchasing an entirely new car.

Moreover, when using a high power motor, switch to Li-po batteries, as this can add the extra power needed for these systems.

  1. Modify the gear ratio

The most affordable way to increase the speed of your best RC car under $100 – modifying the gear ratio.

Changing either the spur gear or the small metal gear (pinion) or both can make your RC car go exceptionally fast. A larger metal gear and a smaller spur gear can increase your car’s speed. On the other hand, smaller metal gear and larger spur gear can make the car accelerate more rapidly.

Follow the tweaks stated above,and you will have the best RC cars under 100with the best speed in your neighborhood.


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