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Top Skills to Acquire from the Best Web Design Tutorials

The web design industry is growing at a rapid rate in the recent years. Every company from the smallest to the largest requires a digital presence on the web. At a time like this, web design tutorials are becoming massively popular.

There are lots of high-demand skills that one can learn from these tutorials, some of which are listed below:

  1. HTML & CSS

HTML stands for Hypertext Mark-Up Language and CSS for Cascading Style Sheet. Together these two form the very foundations of web design. While HTML dictates the visual elements of the site, CSS provides the structure that fits all these elements.

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  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is an important tool for developing the front end of a website. It is very important to learn for a developer how JavaScript interacts with HTML and CSS. JavaScript plays a critical role in many websites and applications today.

  1. PHP, Java, ASP, Perl, C++

These are some of the most important programming languages that define the basis of coding around the world. As a designer, one needs to have knowledge of at least two or three programming languages.

This is super valuable skill-set to have as it will stand every designer in good stead all through their career. An enthusiastic learner can also specifically learn from PHP tutorials.

  1. Mobile support

Web development or design tutorials also contain portions relating to mobile support. A designers needs to build responsive websites that open just as well on any device.

In fact this knowledge goes beyond building responsive websites. Knowing how to make mobile applications will add up tremendously well on a designer’s CV.

These are only some out of a whole range of skills one can acquire from web design tutorials. All of these skills are extremely important and will help build impressive portfolios or resumes.


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Adopt These Irresistible Photoshop Design Ideas from Web Design Tutorials

A professionally designed website is in high demand. Business of all scales aim for enhancing their brand portfolio and since everything is done online now-a-days, they look to achieve it via their own websites. The key to designing winning websites is having some technical designing knowledge and comprehension of Abode Photoshop. To help them kick start things, there are numberless web design tutorials concerning usage of Photoshop which they can certainly download and employ.

These tutorials are free of cost and showcase the best ways of using PS for designing killer sites.

Here’s listing a few ideas whose tutorials you will find online.

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  • Creation Of 1-Page Retro Site Design in Photoshop

 1-Page sites are quite popular amongst clients and those wanting to learn the skills and technique, can simply download this tutorial and learn.

This will mainly educate inexperienced designers about all the important assets of 1-page designing. They include –

  • Retro icons
  • Tileables shapes pack/lines pack
  • Muncie font
  • Oswald font
  • LeckerlieOne Font
  • Open Sans Font

Here the concept of 960 grid system is put to usage. From comprehensive descriptions to screen shots of different steps, designers will get every bit of those crucial details needed for the task.

  • Creating A Sports Web Layout In Magazine Style With PS

This specific web design tutorials will teach novice designers how to design a site layout which works perfectly with a blog or news site. This is primarily focussed for sites which are oriented towards sporting activities or game enthusiast communities.

  • Web development experts will learn how to convert magazine-style PSD to HTML/CSS and create the layout.
  • They will also gain know-hows on coding the layout right from scratch.

The end result will primarily come about as a grid based magazine and with catchy pictures + videos, figures, colour combinations.

Just refer to this awesome web design tutorial and engage clients in the most emphatic manner possible.

  • Guidance To Design A Stylistic Timeline Portfolio With The Help Of Photoshop

A unique designed portfolio with an eye-catchy timeline presentation manages to attract the right amount of glares. With the help of this exceptionally crafted tutorial, one would surely be able to customise their grids, style their typography properly and concoct colours to achieve impressive aesthetics.

In this guide, amateur designers will also come across all those essential assets which they will need to implement while designing their sites. Some of those crucial designing assets include-

  • Facebook/Twitter/Google+ icon from iconfinder
  • Notebook PSD Template from Dribble
  • Raindrop/NYC skyline photos from unsplash

 Furthermore they will also learn the nitty-gritties of using basic HTML, CGI scripts or say server scripting lingual namely ASP or PHP for their site creation. For this they will separately also get links of beginner level php tutorials for understanding this particular conversion step.

Each of the steps will come with proper explanations and lucid screenshots for easy understanding. Designing a stylistic timeline portfolio will just be a breeze for designers.

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  • A Clean E-Commerce Site Design With The Help Of Photoshop

For those wanting to set up an e-commerce site, it’s pivotal to have a site which consists of a suave and éclat design. With the help of this exceptional tutorial they can surely achieve that and in no time take their business to the next level.

This easy to follow tutorial consists of numerous amazing Photoshop usage techniques and design conceptions which are unlike anything fathomed before.

Some of those web development techniques which this tutorial will elucidate are –

  • Typeface
  • White space layout
  • Composition
  • A grayscale wireframe
  • Setting up top bar
  • Creating the backdrop of the site

Everything will be explained exceptionally well.

  • Creating Glossy Cartoon Style Fibre Navigation Buttons With Photoshop

This is another popular kind of design which many designers tend to implement for their clients. Again for those wanting to do the same, it is necessary for them to search for this tutorial online and download it.

In this, they will learn about

  • Creating grungy background design
  • Creating rounded or rectangular navigation buttons
  • Presenting their art a glossy cartoon like shine

With plenty more!

Just look for these web design tutorials normally on any search engine, download them and go through them elaborately.


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