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Check out the Top Metal Bands that Rocked the 1980’s Music Arena!

A huge fan of glam metal band musicians? Just cannot stop humming November Rain? Well, the magic of metal music dates back to the 1980’s, wherein multiple bands set the stage on fire. Not just the west, but the eastern zone was no less influenced by this genre of music!

If you are a plan to check out the some of the top bands that rocked that era, here’s a list that will answer your queries!  Scroll down to get the details!

The top bands around the world:

  1. Ratt:

The metal band that rocked the stage back in 1980’s, Ratt was a name to reckon! They has Robbin Crosby as their lead guitarist and revolutionized this scene with “Round and Round” and “Lay It Down”. They received both commercial success and critical acclaim with platinum, multi-platinum and gold certification for their music.

 As per latest reports, confirmed by current guitarist Stephen Pearcy, this band has already booked the 2017 US tour. For the lovers of “Back for more” this is great news!

reunited ratt

  1. LA Guns:

One of the best metal bands, and a contemporary this concentrates on hard rock with a harder edge. Known for the “Ballad of the Jayne”, this has stood strong till date.

  1. Loudness:

From the conservative zones of Japan comes this band which combines the nuances of power metal with glam metal to present quality music. The drumming and heavy bass just add on to this quality.


  1. Twisted Sister:

This discussion of metal bands cannot end without Dee Snider’s ‘larger than life’ persona. The punk driven sound based on mixture of AC/DC format rebelled the generalized format of metal music. The singles, “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’s” and “Under the Blade” are unforgettable!

Totally confused about which to play up this evening? Well, you can start off with “Round and Round” from Ratt and follow it up with “Stay Hungry”! For more news on your dear metal band, you can click on!

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Hooked to Songs of Robbin Crosby? Know the top Glam Metal Musicians of 1980’s!

Are you a die-hard fan of glam metal bands? Then you just couldn’t have missed the songs of Robbin Crosby! The lead guitarist of Ratt, he was a musician par excellence. He ensured that his songs ‘hit the correct audience’ and naturally went on to reach triple platinum standards!

However, in current times, you love the music belted out by Guns N’ Roses as well. But the charm of 1980’s is something that you miss! In that case, just glimpse through this article to get a list of the musicians of that era, who made the stage a ‘fertile musical ground’!

Top musicians of 1980’s you cannot miss:

  1. Robbin Crosby:

The man who change the metal band scene, he was the guitarist of Ratt. Credit goes to him for co-writing some of the top songs as “Round and Round”, “Lay It Down”, “Dance” and “Body Talk” to name a few. He was t6eh ‘king’ that the stages of 1980’s has seen and will miss!

  1. Joe Elliott:

For a band like ‘Def Leppard’ it was a huge thing to create a world record of selling 50 million records! The courtesy goes to the lead musician Elliott whose style was to include the listeners and perform with élan.

Joe Elliott


  1. Dee Snider:

 “Stay Hungry”! That was the song that worked wonders for the band Twisted Sister and its guitarist. His essence was that of a ‘cool guy’ and that made him a sensation and one of the greatest musicians of all time! “I Wanna Rock” soon followed and here was a musician ready for tough competition!

  1. Kip Winger:

The leading musician who released his first band album in 1988, he gave a new tone to the metal band songs. One can see the range of this man by the fact that, he was nominated for the Isadora Duncan Award for Excellence in Music.

These are some of the top musicians who rocked the 1980’s metal band scene. However, amidst all, the songs of Robbin Crosby are echoed till date!

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Check the Top 10 Songs of Guitarist Robbin Crosby for playing it up!

The rock music scene of 1980’s was one of a kind! The glam metal bands were rocking the musical stage and groups like Ratt was belting out hits after hits! The guitarist Robbin Crosby was co-writing one song after the other and they went on to celebrate platinum awards.

Most importantly, he was competing with some of the top bands of that era – Def Leppard and Twisted Sister and emerged strongly at every step! Surely your love for metal bands dates back to sometime. In that case, why don’t you trace your steps back to the 1980’s?

robbin crosby on stage

Scroll down to take a look at some of the top tracks of Ratt!

Top 10 songs of Robbin Crosby:

All of his songs had an aura that none could match! Even today, the modern glam metal bands have a lot to learn from their tracks. Just check out these numbers and decide for yourself!

  1. Lay It Down (Invasion of your privacy)

This is the song that catapulted Ratt to heights of success as a metal band!

  1. Round and Round (Out of the cellar)

A special mention for this third track from Ratt’s debut album: Out of the cellar. This was named as 61st best song in the VH1’s list of hard rock songs of all times. The video depicts a family terrorized by a group of militants, and a lady dancing to the tunes of the song.


There’s more to his creations –

  1. You’re in Love (Invasion of your privacy)
  2. Body Talk (Dancing Undercover)
  3. Back for more (Out of the cellar)
  4. Dance (Dancing Undercover)
  5. Givin’ yourself away (Detonator)
  6. Lack of communication (Out of the cellar)
  7. Way Cool Jr (Reach for the sky)
  8. Never use Love (Invasion of your privacy)

These tracks till date are some of the top played ones from glam metal band Ratt. With them coming back in 2017 musical arena, one can hear more of such compositions! If you want some more details on them, do check out!

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Who Is Robbin Crosby? Get a Short Quip on the ‘King’!

I share the name with a great musician, I know I can’t do justice but I wrote the first post on him. Hope you like it.

Robbin CrosbyFor all those fans of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, a search through some old articles on glam metal bands can lead you to a name – Robbin Crosby.  Who is Robbin Crosby? The man who stated, that his funeral should be a ‘party’ since he lived the ‘life of ten men’, was the lead guitarist of Ratt – the glam metal band of 1980’s!

The man who made the world go ‘Round and Round’, he brought a new charm to the domain of glam metal. The guitarist, who had a roller-coaster life, holds the credit of co-writing many of the songs of Ratt.  “Lay It Down’’ anyone?

Robbin Crosby – The man as one knew:

Born in California (August 4, 1959) he left behind his interests in baseball to become a full time guitarist. While he played with Ratt, he was dating actress Tawny Kitaen. Later he married Playboy Playmate Laurie Carr, but the marriage was short lived.

Before Ratt, he worked for metal band Lilian Axe as a producer.

His role in Ratt:

Crosby joined Ratt in 1977, and there was no looking back! The Los Angeles based rock band had got the ‘king’! He had written multiple songs for this band and some going on to make triple platinum. He was closest to another band member Stephen Pearcy and the two changed the face of glam metal, giving tough competition to contemporaries.

However, he left Ratt and worked on other musical acts – Secret Service, Metropolis, Phenomenon to name a few!

Robbin Crosby band Ratt

Final years:

For a man who rocked the stage, his personal life was in crumbles. Robbin Crosby was a drug-addict, who confessed that, drugs ‘cost’ him his ‘career’ and ‘fortune’. Later he was diagnosed with HIV and died of heroin overdose and AIDS related complications. He breathed his last on June 6, 2002.

Want to check out some of his old songs? Out of the Cellar is a great album to start with!

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