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Best Kitchen Faucet: Styles that are Meant to Arrest Your Attention

Kitchen faucets come in a wide array of styles and designs. Their basic structure can be of 3 basic styles. It is important for you to know about these styles before you purchase yourself the best kitchen faucet.

Styles of Kitchen Faucets:

  • Center set kitchen faucet style

This particular style is most popular among all the modern kitchen faucet styles. These types of faucets have only 1 lever. This helps in controlling both cold water and hot water. Functionality with ease of maneuverability is the key trait of these types of faucets.

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It is no wonder that most of the top rated kitchen faucets are of the center set variety because of its ease of usage.

It requires minimum space for installation. This makes it look neat and blends well with any compact kitchen. One can choose from a multitude of design options because of its popularity.

  • Center set faucets with two handles

Seen primarily in bathrooms, this style of faucets is slowly making its way into the kitchen. Its growing popularity can be contributed to the fact that it looks different from your regular kitchen faucet. One can easily differentiate this type as it has the spouts and valves in a single spout.

  • Widespread kitchen faucet

Though not popular, it has been able to create space for itself in the market. Its popularity is because of futuristic design language and appeal. It just doesn’t strive to be different, it is different. This type of kitchen faucets has every spout, valve, handle and other accessories mounted differently. It has spout for cold water, hot water and they can be used differently.

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By now, you must be having a fair knowledge about the various faucet styles that will come in handy while you choose the best kitchen faucet for your house. So wait no more and get yourself one now.



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‘Myths’ – ‘Terminology’ and More – Check Out Facts for Getting the Best Kitchen Faucet

For all those who have shared their ideas of getting kitchen faucets for their home – the first reaction that they or surely you have got is, “They are extremely expensive. Just go for the normal ones!” In spite of being ready to search out the best kitchen faucet amidst a plethora before buying, these myths tend to be quite strong. In the current scenario, the most important part is – removing these myths and knowing the points to look out for a while choosing the faucet.

So, before you jump the gun, check out the myths surrounding the buy, factors that you must check about kitchen faucets, terminologies that you must be aware of. Scroll down and take a look!

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Myths associated with the kitchen faucets:

If you thought that buying of kitchen faucets would bring with it no myths, then you are highly mistaken. There are a number of people who have ‘wrong ideas’ regarding this important fitting of the kitchen. Take a look so that you do not make mistakes.

  1. The top rated kitchen faucets are very expensive, and it is not a wise decision to install them in your kitchen. At the end of the day, it will be subjected to the usual wear and tear.
  2. The pull-out faucets are not up to the mark, and automatic ones cannot be controlled.
  3. Branded products do not make much of a difference.
  4. Online ordering of faucets is not reliable.

The FACT remains that – the modern range of faucets come with a number of technical features that make them better in contrast to their predecessors. However, now the point is what are those points on which you will base your choice of faucet.

Also, most of these faucets come with a warranty period, and hence you can replace them if they are not up to the mark, without any extra cost.

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How must you choose your faucet?

  • You need to note the style of your kitchen

This is a very important point that you must keep in mind while choosing a kitchen faucet. When you have a traditional space, it is best to choose out brass and bronze options. Whereas for a modern kitchen, stainless steel makes for the best kitchen faucet.

  • Check the available space

Another important point is noting down the space that this kitchen faucet will provide. From washing dishes to little clothes, there’s a lot that goes on in your kitchen. Therefore, you must check out the arc of this faucet, the proportion it maintains with the sink and whether the sprayer (if yours has one) extends to the required distance.

  • Design and style matters

From single-handed to spout ones – the multi-lobed or the commercial ones, all these are very important points to note when you want to get a faucet for your kitchen. Since multiple activities have to be carried out, therefore adjust the features accordingly.

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Terms related to modern kitchen faucets that you must know:

For all the novices out there, here are some important ‘cannot miss’ terms for you, as you go shopping for kitchen faucets.

  1. Single handle:

This is the most common type which most people choose. In this case, a single handle controls both pressure and temperature. Also, most of these branch out, saving the drilling of holes in the latter period.

  1. Bridge:

In this case, both faucet and lever branch off on a single part and the countertop requires a singular hole.

  1. Deck mount:

In this case, the faucet mounts directly on the countertop. Most people while opting for this, want a kitchen faucet with sprayer under this category. It eases their washing process to a great extent.

  1. Multiple holes:

While replacing an existing faucet, checking the number of holes for the countertop is a crucial factor.

  1. Pullout style:

In this case, you will find an associated sprayer with the faucet. Therefore, once the sprayer is used, it retracts back to its position.

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When you buy a faucet, make sure that you check out these features for enhancing the look of your kitchen.

Are you in a better position now to choose out the best kitchen faucet that is suitable for your home? To know more on the varieties and available styles, you can check out blog reviews and product descriptions at websites like for details.


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